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“For Footed Friends” is the finest Natural Pet Food Store in the Naples Florida metro area, opened in 2008 to honor all of our beloved and loyal pets.

Family owned and operated since 2008, we opened our doors with the philosophy to educate our customers on the benefits of a healthier pet diet.

We research all products we sell to ensure a better quality of life for your dog or cat. The products sold at For Footed Friends must meet our strict guidelines and we are always happy to share with you the research that show Natural Foods and green products are far and away better for your pets daily life as well as the environment.

Pet Nutritionists and Veterinarians agree Natural Foods are better for your pet than highly processed ones. Many common ailments can be alleviated by providing a nutritionally sound diet for your pet by adding our natural vitamins and homeopathic remedies you will see a major improvement in your 4 Footed Friend’s Life.

“For Footed Friends” is dedicated to providing to the health and well-being of your beloved pets.

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