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Realizing Fear during Storms and Firework Celebrations

Today, we commemorate our nation’s independence and honor the courageous troops and veterans who risked their lives to defend the United States of America. 

While we are all amazed by the beauty and magic of fireworks, and enjoy the celebration of our Nation with friends and family,  it can also be a time of intense stress for our beloved 4 footed friends. For our dogs, this can be an extremely stressful time. The loud bangs and heavy vibrations can be frightening for our dogs and it can become difficult to calm them down during the chaos. Thankfully, there are some things we can do to help ease their stress.


Please consider staying with your pets during times of extreme anxiety. By doing so you are NOT perpetuating their behavior. Destructive behavior due to anxiety can be managed with training, however you don’t want to begin addressing this issue during a period of extreme fear. (such as during a thunderstorm or 4th of July celebration) Dogs are pack animals and they naturally want to be with their families when they’re afraid, so leaving them alone can greatly worsen the situation. Even if your dog is crated, make sure you stay in the same room with them.


There are many natural therapies on the market to give relief to our 4 footed friends from the stress of loud noises and vibrations. More and more owners are turning towards natural remedies, instead of synthetic drugs, when it comes to managing their dogs’ mental health. Do your research and use only remedies that are sold for your pets to make sure the remedies you use are safe. For dogs that have mild anxieties, natural therapies seem to work quite well. Consider remedies that contain anxiety relieving valerian root, organic chamomile, organic passionflower and St Johns Wart.


Sometimes, especially if the anxiety is severe, natural therapies are not enough to help your dog find relief. In these cases, seeking the help of your veterinarian is ideal. There are anxiety medications that dogs can take regularly or during times of extreme stress, such as on the 4th of July. 


If your dogs behavior continues or becomes destructive, a  professional dog trainer, using humane, gentle and positive forms of training, can also help you manage your dog’s anxiety.


Whatever route you decide to take, or both if necessary, it’s important to remain your dog’s advocate and make sure that whatever you do to help ease your dog’s anxiety will keep them safe and comfortable.


And remember …




Lavender has many therapeutic usage for your dog or cat. Lavender naturally calms nerves, relieves pain from muscle aches and inflammation and can even be used to repel insects bites. You can easily make your own versatile lavender oil.  Use 10 drops of lavender oil to 1 ounce of almond oil use as:
1. Rub into sore muscles
2. Use on a tissue or cardboard and placed around their bedding. 
3. Spray some on couch, bed or collar 
4. Dilute with water (steep like a tea) and use as a rinse to help with itching caused by seborrhea, fleabites or dermatitis. 
5. Can be added to first aid salves


For Every Dollar Spent Locally

You may be surprised by how much supporting local, small businesses actually effects you the consumer, your local independent, in this case, pet food store, and your community. I for one always try to buy local but will admit to the temptation of paying less for the same product and having it delivered to me. I have often asked my local, small business if they will meet a competitors cost and often times they will, your business is very valuable to them as well as the community you both live in. 


The impact of buying local, has many faceted layers. Consumers and their communities ARE positively impacted when supporting local small business. In such a volatile economic environment, smaller, local businesses count on your patronage in order to stay afloat, an added bonus is you usually deal with a knowledgeable, vested individual who actually knows the products they are selling.


There are far-reaching advantages to deciding to “shop local.” By supporting your local businesses, you are in turn supporting your local economy; significantly more money stays in a community when purchases are made at locally owned – rather than nationally owned – businesses. 


The U.S. Small Business Association and the U.S. Department of Labor report the positive impacts of small, independent business on local economies.

    •    Local businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses such as banks, service providers, and farms.

    •    For every $100 you spend at local businesses, $68!! will stay in the community.

    •    Independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales to the community in which they operate than chain competitors.

    •    Small businesses employ 77 million Americans and accounted for 65% of all new jobs over the past 17 years.


In addition to helping build the local economy, there are also notable intangible benefits that come from supporting businesses in your local community. Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors!  They care about and are invested in the well-being of your community and its future.


So when deciding where to spend your hard-earned dollars consider the benefits of turning to local, independently owned small businesses within your community.


And remember …

all you need is LOVE and we supply the rest

HEMP for a DOG OR CAT???

The health and medicinal benefits of hemp have been recognized by researchers worldwide for many years. 

Hemp is not marijuana. Hemp does not get your dog or cat high. 

Hemp is legal in Canada and the USA and may provide many potential health benefits for your dog.

Hemp and marijuana are different varieties of the same plant species of ‘Cannabis Sativa’. Two of the most common compounds are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - the psychoactive chemical that produces the cannabis high – and cannabidiol (CBD). Marijuana plants contain high levels of THC. Hemp, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive and contains very little THC (less than .3% by law). 

Common ailments Hemp can aid pets are mobility, cancer, obesity, and anxiety. A product adding Hemp to already proven anti-inflammatories such as turmeric root, or to calming herbs, L-theanine,and antioxidants is a great way to administer natural healthy relief for you beloved four footed friend. 

Wouldn’t it be great to see both people and pets treated holistically – where natural products that avoid unwanted side effects of conventional, western medicine are readily available. 


For Footed Friends is dedicated to improving quality of your pets life. There are fabulous 

safe, natural, effective, non-toxic and non-addictive remedies. to help end suffering.



  1. Be realistic about your lifestyle and energy level. Adopt a dog with the same or lower energy level as you.
    • If you’re a couch potato, don’t adopt a dog who needs lots of exercise. Or consider a cat
    • If you work long hours or travel frequently, don’t adopt a puppy. They need lots of training and attention. Adopt a laid-back older dog instead.
    • Do you have children - consider the childs age and activity level carefuly as some breeds do better with younger children and others with older
  2. Who else lives in your home? 
    • Do you have young children or other pets? It’s important to adopt an animal that will fit in safely and happily with all the members of your household. 
  3. Think critically about your future.
    • Do you want kids? Plan on getting married? Every year, thousands of dogs and cats are left at shelters because “family circumstances” changed some are unavaoidable but all too often its simply an easy fix for people.
  4. Do you have a high-tolerance for fur and slobber? 
    • If you keep an extremely clean home, think hard before adopting a dog who sheds a lot or slobbers everywhere. Some people don’t mind the extra time it takes to brush their dog every day to reduce shedding or wipe slobber from walls that can stick worse then super glue.
  5. Remember that some dogs behave differently at shelters than in their own homes. 
    • Shelters can be loud, stressful places for dogs. They might act shy or aggressive in a shelter environment but be perfectly-behaved in a quiet, safe home. Remeber often times the shelters do not have a complete history of the animal. But with LOVE and PATIENCE on your part you can have one of the greatest gifts ever...an adopted dog or cat. 


Traveling by car with pets


Do you know the best place for your dog or cat in your car?


  • Don’t ever leave your dog or cat in the car under any circumstances. In less then 5 minutes the car turns into a deadly oven, its illegal and inhumane.


  • Dogs shouldn't roam in the car

The safest way for your dog to travel in the car is in a crate that has been anchored to the vehicle using a seatbelt or other secure means. Dog restraints or seat belts are useful for preventing your dog from roaming around the car and being a distraction to the driver, but they haven't been reliably shown to protect dogs during a crash.


  • Cats belong in carriers

Most cats aren't comfortable traveling in cars, so for their safety as well as yours, keep them in a carrier. It's important to restrain these carriers in the car so that they don't bounce around and hurt your cat. Do this by securing a seat belt around the front of the carrier.


  • Leave the front seat for humans

Keep your pet in the back seat of the car. If an airbag deploys while your pet is in the passenger seat (even in a crate), it might injure your pet.


  • Keep those heads inside!

Dogs and cats should always be kept safely inside the car. Pets who are allowed to stick their heads out the window can be injured by particles of debris or made sick by having cold air forced into their lungs. Never transport a pet in the back of an open pickup truck.

Courtesy of the Humane Society

Dental Health

It's time to lavish some attention on your pet's pearly whites!  It is important to take proper care of canine and feline teeth.  If left untreated plaque and tarter buildup can progress to painful periodontal disease, which can further spread to organs and cause illness.  Brush your pet's teeth or use an all natural dental treat designed to break down tarter.


Healthy teeth and gums in your dog or cat begins with good quality nutrition that offers optimum ‘gut’ health, make sure the diet you feed offers pro & pre-biotics.  Having a healthy gut can actually be the first defense to healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath. 


Brushing is a second defense, while this can be a challenge with many a for footed friend, it is an important part of their hygienic routine. Raw (not cooked) real bones offers a great opportunity for your dog to gnaw away plaque. 


Beware of some commercial treats that claim to benefit teeth and gum health. Their unhealthy ingredients and cooking processes can cause other health problems and an unhealthy gut. Marketing does it again! Do your homework and shop for your pets products in a reputable small business pet food store to ensure you are buying treats that actually work and are healthy for your pet.

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