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Realizing Fear during Storms and Firework Celebrations

Today, we commemorate our nation’s independence and honor the courageous troops and veterans who risked their lives to defend the United States of America. 

While we are all amazed by the beauty and magic of fireworks, and enjoy the celebration of our Nation with friends and family,  it can also be a time of intense stress for our beloved 4 footed friends. For our dogs, this can be an extremely stressful time. The loud bangs and heavy vibrations can be frightening for our dogs and it can become difficult to calm them down during the chaos. Thankfully, there are some things we can do to help ease their stress.


Please consider staying with your pets during times of extreme anxiety. By doing so you are NOT perpetuating their behavior. Destructive behavior due to anxiety can be managed with training, however you don’t want to begin addressing this issue during a period of extreme fear. (such as during a thunderstorm or 4th of July celebration) Dogs are pack animals and they naturally want to be with their families when they’re afraid, so leaving them alone can greatly worsen the situation. Even if your dog is crated, make sure you stay in the same room with them.


There are many natural therapies on the market to give relief to our 4 footed friends from the stress of loud noises and vibrations. More and more owners are turning towards natural remedies, instead of synthetic drugs, when it comes to managing their dogs’ mental health. Do your research and use only remedies that are sold for your pets to make sure the remedies you use are safe. For dogs that have mild anxieties, natural therapies seem to work quite well. Consider remedies that contain anxiety relieving valerian root, organic chamomile, organic passionflower and St Johns Wart.


Sometimes, especially if the anxiety is severe, natural therapies are not enough to help your dog find relief. In these cases, seeking the help of your veterinarian is ideal. There are anxiety medications that dogs can take regularly or during times of extreme stress, such as on the 4th of July. 


If your dogs behavior continues or becomes destructive, a  professional dog trainer, using humane, gentle and positive forms of training, can also help you manage your dog’s anxiety.


Whatever route you decide to take, or both if necessary, it’s important to remain your dog’s advocate and make sure that whatever you do to help ease your dog’s anxiety will keep them safe and comfortable.


And remember …




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