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For Footed Friends is SW Florida’s Premiere All Natural Health Food Store for your Beloved Pet! Our top quality food and treats contain no artificial fillers, by products or synthetic preservatives, colorings or flavoring. Emphasizing on dietary allergies and skin/coat issues. We strive to maintain or improve your pet’s health by offering complimentary in store pet nutrition consultations and assessments, education seminars and ensuring every product we sell goes through our rigorous screening process to ensure your pet is receiving optimum healthful and holistic products. For Footed Friends has Naples largest supply of USA made and sourced food, treats, supplements, toys, beds travel accessories. We carry just about anything for your pampered Dog or Cat.

Best For Footed Friends (BFFF)

Michelle and SIMBA

SIMBA, a beautiful cat who just turned 19 years young and going strong is our April BEST FOR FOOTED FRIEND.

A true testament to what a healthy diet (from For Footed Friends), lots of love, kindness and activity will do for your beloved pets!


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